Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable senior care services; and to provide each client with the essential care needed to maintain an independent lifestyle regardless of age and health issues.

"Our clients come first!", says owner and founder Nadine Glatley. 

Nadine has experienced firsthand that finding the right person to care for a respective family member was not an easy task.  When dealing with other caregivers, she found that companies were sending her non-qualified, non-professional caregivers for her family to interview.  She and her family asked themselves, "where is the compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable person to care for someone in need?"  Quickly, she saw that there was an insufficency in finding in home health caregivers with the qualifications needed.  Approximately one year later, she started Rent a Daughter.

Nadine is a trusted leader in providing caregivers for senior care, and offers various types of services on a professional level that she found lacking in other companies.  Rent a Daughter is committed to prividing advanced and specialized services for clients, specializing in Alzheimer's and Dementia, and can provide a planned program designed for each individual based on a personal assessment of their needs.

Rent a Daughter takes pride in providing:

Dependable Service
Continuity of Caregivers
Quality of Life for the Client
Peace of Mind for the Family
Independent Living in the Home

Here's what some of our clients are saying...

"When Nadine first entered our home to treat my wife, she exuded a sense of confidence, empathy and peace of mind.  She was always available with reassuring touch to make you feel that everything was under control.  I strongly recommend Rent a Daughter without reservation."
-Mark R. Levine, M.D.

"From the moment Nadine came through the front door and said, 'You relax, I'll fix dinner and see that Gordon gets my undivided attention", I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted.  She is a unique young woman with a sensitive heart who soon became a very important part of our lives."
-Evie Safran

"The staff at Rent a Daughter are dedicated to my father and do everything possible to keep him healthy, happy, and adjusted in his daily routine.  They truly know him, respect him, and care about him.  This is evident in the way they engage in conversation, go on walks, and laugh and make jokes with each other.  They have touched my father's heart and ours."
-​Sheri Tavens and Jeff Gold
“I can’t say enough about Nadine Glatley and the staff of Rent a Daughter.  We started with Rent a Daughter initially to assist me with my husband in preparing meals and providing transportation to various appointments.  An evening person allowed me to go out at night occasionally with friends.  My husband and I had immediate bonds with everyone sent to help.  We continued with Rent a Daugher up until the day my husband passed away.  They continue to be caring and compassionate even after we no longer needed them, by checking in on me, and making sure I am okay.  I would recommend and trust them completely with any family member. 
-Karen Pulte, Naples, Florida

"The ability to call Nadine, day or night, evenings and weekends has been a lifesaver to us in our time of need.  She is all the things you would want in a caregiver...intellegence, competence, kind, and total commitment to her client's well-being.  She quietly lent us her strength and became a trusted member of our family, even if only for a short time."
-Roma and George Aronoff

"I highly recommend Nadine and Rent a Daughter as a home healthcare provider, without question.  Her professionalism and kind demeanor put our family at ease.  Nadine's company has thrived over the years with a number of marvelous women working for her.  She is a credit to her profession."
-Liz Scheer
"I have complete confidence in Mrs. Nadine Glatley and her team in caring for vulnerable clients, educating and comforting families, and guiding other professionals how they can most effectively help patients to understand, and to act in their own best interests.  I had the privilege of caring for my step-father during a five year downward course, during which his dignity, comfort, and optimal joy and function were significantly contributed to by the relationship of Mrs. Glatley and her team, to him personally (he loved them and never forgot their names), to us the family, and to the nursing and medical entourage.  I speak not only as a daughter and guardian, but also as having had years of experience as director of the geriatric service at McGill University, Associate Medical Director in Oxford UK, and now in my wowrk as a hospitalist, responsible for 30 bedbound patients and their families.  What i have learned from Mrs. Glatley, and seen as a standard of care are invaluable to me in my work.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Mrs. Glatley to your attention.
-Dr. Jacqueline McClaran 

"Nadine Glatley and Rent a Daughter could not be more thoughtful.  I have loved having her and her caregivers take care of me.  You can't go wrong!"
-Ruthie Lester 

"Nadine Glatley's Rent a Daughter gave me personal attention when I needed help after a hip replacement.  The caregivers she provided were exceptional in their skills, and I credit them with expediting my recovery.  Nadine stays aware of the case and the patient's progress and is totally committed to the patient's welfare and satisfaction with the care.  I will always recommend Rent a Daughter to anyone wanting tender and loving care.  Her service aids people as they recover, but she also provides many other aspects of care."
-Gertrude Mann

"Rent a Daughter is the daughter everyone always wanted.  Nadine and her staff are the loving caring daughters we all want.  Rent a Daughter helped two of my dearest friends in their time of need.  I watched as Nadine and her staff attended to their every need and helped comfort their family members.  I am so grateful to have met Nadine and her staff; and I would strongly recommend her services as a top of the line caregiver."
-​Phyllis Fine

"My mother has utilized Rent a Daughter for personal care for over two years in her assisted living facility. Nadine, the owner and manager of the company, is dedicated to providing her clients with the best possible care and their families with consistent, worry-free services. For example, Mom has never been without a caregiver in spite of the events of life that prevent a worker from coming to the job. Nadine has always provided the promised care that is needed.

The women who have taken care of Mom are caring, competent and hard working. They go above and beyond the job requirements and take care of her as if she is their close friend rather than a client. They have cared for her at home and during extended hospital stays. They have been invaluable to Mom’s health and well-being as well as to our family’s peace of mind. 

This year the staff has been even more consistent than previously with the same caregivers being with Mom all of the time. This has been so helpful in providing comfort and stability to Mom who has difficulty dealing with change due to her increasing issues with memory and confusion. These dedicated caregivers are loved by my mother and truly feel like part of our extended family.

We are extremely grateful to these amazing women and would strongly recommend the Rent a Daughter agency to anyone seeking care for herself or a loved one.”
-Sharon Schwartz 
*Rent a Daughter ​is insured
*All staff have STNA/First Aid/CPR experience